From my road to yours

Welcome to! I am Magdalena and this site is about assorted products and the people making them. Based in Sweden and South Asia, I have been fortunate to see the good things that can come out of blending cultures and ideas. The items you will find on this site have all been selected because I think they are beautiful. But also because they represent a variety which I have found unique to a particular place or time. They all come with a story, shared through the photos and texts on the site.

Some of the items in the shop are hand-picked by me, a few are my own designs and some are produced in collaboration with Sisko, an organization supporting underprivileged women in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Any profit from Sisko-made products will go directly to supporting their cause. I hope you will enjoy the products as much as I enjoy finding and working on them. Please feel free to mail me if you have any questions or comments (

3 types of products:

Products which I have hand-picked. Limited edition.
My design
Products designed by me and produced exclusively for
Hand-knit products designed and produced in collaboration with Sisko,
an organization for underprivileged women in Bangladesh. Sisko provides
means for women in the Dhaka Satarkul slum to support their families by
making hand-knitted products. For more information about Sisko, visit
their Facebook page here.